BF888 Program

I picked up a set of BF888’s from a thrift store, for $5.oo. after finding a UFB cable and program, I loaded my frec’s and also the GMRF frec’s that I normally use. My question is, how will the difference between narrow and wide band affect the GMRF frec’s that I loaded?

If you mean GMRS frequencies, they are wideband. Is the BF-888 now type accepted for Part 95? The last time I checked it wasn’t.

OK, how would I check on the part 95 acceptance?:confused:

I try to stay with in the limmint’s of my license, but in the area that I live, there is no repeaters, and no one seems to care if they are on a frec. that is in the range of GMRS, NO Call Signs, no nothing. Most seam to pick up bubble pack radios from Wall-mart or K-Mart, and just find the clearest channel, and best RX and TX, wich mostly puts them into the GMRS channels. They also do not respond to a request for there call sign. Also a lot of tourist in cars and on bikes use the bubble packs for comm. between them.

You would need to look up the FCC ID of the radio in the FCC database. The FCC ID should be located somewhere on the radio. The BF-888 is not Part 95 certified. It is primarily for use as a ham radio.