better then just good radio

I’m looking for a set of portable radios, UHF, GRMS, or whatever freq set, I don’t think that matters. I need a set of hand held transceivers that has the longest and most reliable range in a heavy urban setting. My primary use for these will be emergency communications during power outages etc. and mainly between family members but I’d like to have the capability to contact emergency personnel (just a matter of a wide enough freq range). I’d use them also at the beach, amusement parks, family outings, hunting etc. I want a set of radios in my truck and a set in my wifes truck so being able to be charged from a cigarette lighter is important. I think access to the NOAA weather channels is important also.
So, what do you suggest?

It sounds as if the best radio for you is going to be the Midland GXT800VP4. This is a GMRS radio and has the best range of any consumer radio we sell. Typically, it will get you 1-2 miles of range. It supports the NOAA weather channels and includes a DC vehicle adapter.

The only requirement that it doesn’t satisfy is the ability to communicate with emergency personnel. For this you would need a programmable radio (such as the BlackBox or Motorola AXU4100), but more importantly you would need permission from the organization to communicate on a frequency that was licensed to them. Typically they would frown on someone outside of the organization having the ability to disrupt their communications.