Best Two Way radios for Indoor Use?

I was looking for the best Two-way radio that works indoors…namely one that would work well in an Indoor environment like a Casino where there is alot of electonic and physical interference and confined areas. I’d use a Cell Phone, but for some reason…Casinos have very poor reception when you’re deep inside one.

I probably won’t wander too far from the other Two-way radio…but the farther away that we can use two-way radio…( obviously ) the better.
I’m guessing that we’d be using it primarily for indoor use ( such as using it at malls for the kids )…and not as much outdoor use as my family doesn’t spend too much time outside.

Which is the best indoor Two-way radio to use that would have the best range ( even if it’s just a few miles ) and still be able to get proper reception/transmission in an indoor area with alot of interference ( electronic and physical…like walls and floors )?

I found that most of the Two-way radios are geared for outdoor use…but can’t find too much info on which is the best for indoor use. Is there anything I should be looking for or considering in the types of consumer two-way radios to get?

Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated.

I have used the TriSquare eXRS radios successfuly inside a casino… actually talked back to my hotel room from the casino. This is the riverboat style, smaller deal.

In Vegas, I’ve communicated several floors successfully. Haven’t tried in the actual casino, since I didn’t know the rules.

Thanks for the response. Are there any other types of Indoor radios that you’d recommend?

In reference to the TriSquare Radio you were referring to…would it work a few blocks away? or are we talking range that is centered to a building with several floors up or down?

Inside any substantial building, you’re talking range which will be lucky to cover the entire building, much less outside it, unless you’re standing at a window.

Buildings absorb 460 MHz GMRS or 900 MHz eXrs radio signals quite well.

Your range outside buildings with these sorts of radios is going to be 1/2 to 2 miles in city areas at best, anyway. In open ground, perhaps 4 miles.

It’ll work at least a block from a building, which is what I used it in/out of. I’ve been inside and have have had good luck ofer a few floors.

I have Motorola CLS-1410 UHF 1 Watt 4 Channel…up to 5 Mile Outdoor Reception Range, and 15 Storey Indoor Range