Best Two Way Radios for Family Skiing?

I would like to get two-way radios for skiing with the kids. They are 8 and 14 – and the 8-year-old’s nickname is “Destructo Girl”. I am thinking that if we got TWRs that are optimal for skiing, we could also use them for some of our summer recreation: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

Check out the link below. I am an avid skier and I think that the best bet on the market, because of the range, is the GXT900. It fits most needs because of power and also it is water proof. I hope this link will help you in your decision.

David, thanks. The link was helpful. I will check out the Midland and the Motorola models mentioned. Given my daughter’s destructive tendencies, I’m torn between going with something like those two or a cheaper model (e.g., Motorola FV300R). Of course, cheapness won’t matter if we get separated on the slopes and I can’t reach her on her unit.

thanks for the site you’ve given its very helpful to me