Best Two Way Radio to Take to a Music Festival?

So me and a few friends were thinking of buying a set of two way radios in order to keep in contact during a music festival, as normally when we go and bring mobiles they run out of battery quickly/run out of signal etc.

Now I have no prior knowledge about two way radios, so I was wondering which one you guys would recommend? The most important thing for us is to have the longest possible battery life, as we will be at the festival for 7 days. Ideally then, I guess a chargeable radio that can also run off batteries would be perfect. As the festival is also very large I think a range of maybe 5km would be necessary.

Thanks for the help!

I like the EF Johnson Viking VP 600

It would require buying a license, but if you used a digital mode - most no one else would be able to listen to your conversations.

Nothing that you can buy over the counter is going to be secure, and anything that you can buy over the counter - won’t be something that someone else didn’t already buy.

In a situation where there is multiple radios - chances are, the GMRS / FRS frequencies are going to be more busy then a woodpecker in a petrified forrest.

CB might or might not work, but the radios out there today are not durable and are not rechargeable while mobile.

You don’t have the time to get each and every group member licensed as a amateur radio operator and a subscription service license is probably going to be your best option.

Battery life will be dependant upon use.

How much do you want to spend on it?

So what did you guys end up getting and how did it work?