Best two way radio for Canada Fishing trip

So I am trying to get information on the best Two way radio for fishing in Canada . The lake we fish has a lot of islands with trees . Would want a set for some family friends that would be with us. Distance is very important could be any where from 5 to 10 miles. I would just settle for a marine radio with large antenna but is there any channels you can use and not be in trouble . Other than calling in an emergency would also like to just communicate with the other boat to check in . Thanks

Your range from a boat, to a boat is unlikely to work. Marine radios, have no better range than any radio, but on a boat with masts, with a high antenna, the horizon is further. If you were on the sea, two people in kayaks with portables struggle to get past the horizon, which is very close! With trees soaking up a large proportion of your energy, 2-3 miles could be pushing it, unless you have high masts, or your lakes are on the top of the hills.

Most countries frown on inland use of marine band, and of course there are licences and exams to be legit, even if its legal. I dont know Canada.