Best thing about Chinese radios

The best thing about Chinese radios is that if you lose them you can buy another? Watching that video waste d a couple of minutes of my life. A chronically depressed individual relating how he was stupid?

I get so fed up with the blanket dismissal of ALL Chinese products. I have a Japanese radio, an Icom marine radio that was new in 1979. It has six crystal controlled frequencies. At the time, in England, Japanese products were called Jap Cra*p, a strange label applied to everything Japanese, very unfairly in exactly the same irrational way. That radio cost £69, three weeks wages at the time. A ham Icom few years later cost me £269 a huge amount of money. A brand new Icom now is cheap by direct comparison. We can buy a Chinese radio for £25, but we can also buy a Chinese radio for £700. There is a difference in quality of course. Are we seriously complaining that when we choose to buy a McDonald’s happy meal price radio it should perform as well and last as long as a very expensive one? That’s what we constantly expect and complain about. Nobody is stupid enough to expect a cheap imported car, like say, a Dacia to be as good as a Rolls Royce, but with radios, we cheerfully slag them off as rubbish. The fact is people make choices based on their personal choices. I wanted a custom made microphone, based on a German design from the 60s, but no longer sold. I found a Chinese factory who built a one-off for me by hand out of two of their existing products that I knew were nice. It cost me £250 and was money well spent. If I had asked for the same thing for half that, they’d have cut corners. I fail to see the constant torrent of hate towards an entire countries production. There are horrible ones and there are really, really good one. They are not all bad (or good).

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