Best Radios for Hunting

Hi, I will be going on my first hunt this summer with my new husband and his family. They are really worried about loosing me since last summer during the deer hunt walked about ten feet away from my husband and I would up lost for hours and about four miles from their property. So I was wondering what a good two way radio would be for me. Their property is in the mountains and there are a lot of trees. I will have a gps this year so when I get lost it won’t be hard to get back, but I would still like to be able to keep in contact.

Any suggestions?

Some states forbid the use of two way radios while hunting.

…But not knowing what state you are in, most allow it. :slight_smile:

I would give these a look, they have about the best range you are going to get in a basic radio (about 2 miles) and are rather rugged.

Or these: