Best Radio for Cruise Ships

Anybody have a two way radio they can recommend for a large cruise ship?
I am looking to purchase 4 for our trip in January.

I took a cruise a little over a year ago, and took a few different models on the ship with me to test. The Motorola SX700R and the Midland GXT600 both performed very well. The GXT600 has since been replaced by the Midland GXT800VP4 and the SX700R is being phased out and replaced with the Motorola T9500XLR. Either of these models would work great for you on a cruise ship, and both models offer plenty of privacy codes. These are a must on a cruise ship, where you will run into lots of interference. Both are great models, with the Midland offering better range and being fully waterproof, and the Motorola providing more ease of use. Our user ‘jwilkers’ has posted reviews of each in our two way radio reviews forum.

Hope this was helpful.


OLYMPIA P324 Two Way Radio

I ordered these radios specifically for use on a cruise ship. Over the last 3 years, I had previously used 2 other radios that I returned because they didn’t work well on the ship. The first pair were 25 mile walkie-talkies (Motorola). Basically useless on the ship except on the outer decks. The second pair was a set that was 36 mile but included some VHF frequencies(Midland GMRS ~$90). They were better and worked well on the outer decks but didn’t work from outer deck 9 to a balcony cabin on Deck 5 if we were more than 1/2 the ship away. Third time was the charm. This set of radios worked very well. I set them on 1 watt and had one issue which was corrected by setting to 4 watts. These UHF radios were perfect for the cruise ship. I got the stubby antennas as well and used them so I assume that using the larger antennas that come with the radio would have just made them better. The stubby antennas let the radio fit in a pocket or on the belt comfortably. I will keep these for future use on cruises.

The radios are easy to use after you read the manual. There at a couple of buttons that are dual function based on how long they are pressed. Once you figure that out and how you want them set they are easy to use. I didn’t have a need to change any of the base frequencies yet as the 10 that were programmed in worked fine. I’ll enter an update if I do try to change them but can’t image I’ll do that anytime soon.

There was a question about being able to hear these when they are charging. My experience was if I had them powered on and put them in the charger I was able to hear a call come in while charging. I think one time I put them in the charger then turned them on but I don’t remember getting any calls so that may or may not work. They did receive a transmission if turned on before setting them in the charger. You need to be careful when putting them in the charger. There is a little tab of plastic that sticks out and must align to the groove on the side of the radio.

All in all very satisfied for the single purpose of keeping track of the family on a cruise ship. We didn’t hear anyone else on the radio and no one from the ship came and asked us not to use them.