Best out of the box mobile GMRS?

What is the best, out of the box, mobile GMRS radio? I.e., one that’s ready to go once you get it out of the box.

At the moment, the Midland MXT115, MXT275 and MXT400VP3 Micromobile radios would work. They are include everything you need to GOTA in one package and are easy to set up and operate.

I have two of the MXT115 and love everything about them, EXCEPT I get alot of complaints from the folks listening in on the other end from different radios about the clarity of the person talking on the MXT115. It sounds like the person using the MXT115 is speaking way too close to the microphone, when they are not. I do not have this problem with any other radios.

Interesting. I have the MXT115 and get the same complaint about the microphone.

I have learned the Midland MXT 400 is a disguised Luiton lt 590. Same radio just dressed up differently. In reading the Owners Manual for the Luiton I see Midland did make it narrow band only and changed several features to make the MXT400 simplier to use.
Still have not hooked up to a repeater though… And you can only program one repeater Tone Squelch in for the repeater at a time instead of the both the transmit and receiving for those that use different codes for both.