Best Long Distance Radios?


I dont know much about two-way radios. But I am looking for a pair of 2-way radios that can easily communicate at least 6 miles. Its within a suburb and there a lots of roads and houses in between if that makes a difference.

I dont know if there is anything out there that has the capabilities but if so Id like to know which ones are the best.


There are no ‘long distance’ radios of the handheld variety. Period.

Range from handheld to handheld is 1/2 to 2 miles, at MOST 4-5 miles if you’re out in the country in totally flat land with no trees or buildings in between.

In a suburb, the range is going to be more like 1/4 to 1 mile.

Ranges are line of sight. Buildings and trees cut down the signals, ground (as in hills) stops it cold.

Longer ranges require repeater stations, or radios up on hilltops that CAN see each other.

A 1 watt handheld ‘has’ a 250 mile ‘range’… IF one of them is in the Space Shuttle at 300 miles altitude. I’ve talked to the shuttle with a 4 watt ham handheld, with their radio being another 4 watt handheld, neither with ‘good’ anatennas. Line of Sight.

Ok so what do you recommend that is not to expensive and that can allow me to talk to someone that far? other than a cell phone of course.

Did you read my post?


It’s not possible physically.

Cell Phones, or commercial repeater-using services, are the only way to get 6 mile ranges at all regularly.

Ok I appreciate the help, Thanks!

CB radios are normally pretty good!

If you don’t mind the noise, vulgarities and such.

CB’s are a pain in the but, but good to have for road conditions.
Get you a good GMRS radio.

One more thing . I have gotten 30 miles out of my GMRS radios … Thats right. but here is the catch. I was on top of a 6000FT mountain

Yep… altitude and line of sight. The Record on FRS (500mw) is around 125 miles mountaintopping.

Wow. I did not know that.