Best Hands Free Solution

I’m looking for the best hands free solution to be used for a video production at a local ski resort. Three of us will be covering an event and majority of the time we will be within line of sight of each other. Based on the excellent reviews here it seem like the Midland GXT-800-VP4 ($72) - OR - the Motorola T9500XLR ($60) are my best choices.

The Midland kit is only $12 more than the Motorola, but what is the quality of the Midland headset? I noticed that other headset solutions run approx $25 for just one set…

I’m on a budget, but at the same time reliable hands-free communication is important.

The Midland GXT800VP4 includes the AVP-1 headsets. They aren’t the best quality headsets, but they will work and they support hands-free (VOX) use. Expect around a half second to a second delay in the start of transmissions, depending on your sensivity level. As with any hands free application, be aware that background noise can cause problems.

Thanks Danny! If I were to go with the $24+ headset, would the delay be eliminated/reduced? Or is that just the nature of the VOX headsets?

The other headsets are going to be more comfortable and more durable, but you wouldn’t see an improvement with the delay. You’re going to see a delay with VOX regardless of the headset used.