best GMRS with Helmet headsets (loudest volume)

Hi All,

looking for recommendations for GMRS radios with the loudest volume and best helmet headsets. I was leaning towards the Midland GXT900 series with their helmet headsets but then I came across a post on this forum that the Midland radios go softer when a headset is plugged in. Obviously, also looking for decent range and battery life.


We use Midland GXT800 radios with Midland helmet headsets on full face helmets. While the volume does soften somewhat, we both can hear adequately well over reasonable wind noise. We use these radios on FRS only while on the motorcycles as my lady friend sticks pretty close to me. Even on FRS, tho’, we have very good performance. Incidentally, we started using the PTT (button on the bar) feature of the headsets but switched to VOX which works fine unless traveling at high speed into a heavy wind. Then we must switch back to PTT. The cost of this entire setup is minimal compared to a set of motorcycle communicators, and it works really well.

Good luck!

I can verify from personal experience the Midland 900 series radios do not have sufficient volume to operate the Midland helmet headsets. I’ve heard the same is true for the 720 radio.

The 800 series radios do work with the headsets but are discontinued though you can still find them at places like Amazon and Ebay.

It’s possible some of the other Midland radios have enough volume to operate the headsets but without 1st hand knowledge I can’t say. There are also plenty of 2nd party headsets for most any hand held radio but I have no idea what actually works and test data is about non-existent.

Would the GXT750VP3 have the same volume as the 800 series? They both are in their 26 Mile range bracket. What are the differences between the 800 series and the 700 series?

The reason I ask is that a website I like has the GXT750VP3 for $44.99 with shipping right now.


I use the Cobra PR-650 radios with the Midland headsets for full face helmets. They are TOO loud for me, I take the volume down 2-3 notches when using them. They work great on motorcycles or 4 wheelers, but I can not get them to work in my race kart for some reason. I’m thinking electrical intereference from the ignition but I can’t verify it.

The PR650 Cobras appear to be way old and discontinued.

I would like to keep the Midland headsets that i have seen.

but compatibility is the question. what radios other than midland will they work with? I know they wont work with motorola talk about 250’s also old (when you connect them to the heasets they put the radio in transmit mode all the time).

will the headsets work with all cobras?? there is no way it would be that easy.

i really just need a compatible radio that has VOLUME!!! to the headset. any brand will do…

ok after talking with a guy who sells all different brands of two ways at… he confirmed that the volume problem on the midlands has historicly been an issue with their radios. He did not recomend going to a different series of midlands if accessory use was going to be a need.

so i asked him, what would be the best setup for GMRS with the helmet headsets.

he told me to buy these motorola MR350R radios
radios (two in a pack) (single pin accy jack)

a headset manufactured by XLT but compatible with with single pin motorolas

i got both radios and the headset for $101. the headset alone was 39 it has push to talk on the handlebar.

I will post an update after i get them and test them.

p.s. am i the only guy here? ill turn out the lights when im done.

I am interested in your review and comparison. Hopefully your new set up will be the solution.

btw…pls leave the nightlight on for me.


it turns out the 350’s are backordered adn will come in at the same time as the 355’s I am debating what to do … maybe i should just get the 355’s

the only difference being the “repeater” capability as far as i know.

thanks slopenutz for convincing me that im not talking to myself here…

Those new 355’s will be the nail in the coffin for GMRS as we know it.
Once these pieces of crap hit the market kids will figure out how to piss off not only everyone within radio range, but every repeater owner in radio range as well. :mad: :mad: :mad:

I’m assuming that the “privacy” codes work with the repeater channels. If not, then i agree they would be useless.

The “privacy codes” are how you get into many repeaters.