Best gmrs base antenna

what is the best gmrs base antenna for an area where there are a lot of trees. would like to hear your recommendations before I buy.

I use an Ed Fong DBJ-GMRS j-pole mounted in my attic with good results in a wooded area. They run $50, are tuned for gmrs frequencies, and can be researched (Link removed. Please read the FAQ).

You can see videos regarding Ed’s antennas on youtube. If you can a little height where you mount it, I’m sure many antennas will work well for you.

Depends on whether you are trying to cover above/below or more towards the horizon.

Mr. Pink,
If you could snap a picture of your antenna setup, that would be great!
Also, what coax did you run?

I have the Comet CA-712EFC antenna. It works great. I have it on a chain-link fence top-rail mast of 30 feet. I guyed it using 3 strands of 3/16" poly-dacron rope at the 30 ft and the 20 ft levels (used cable thimbles with poachers knot, quick links, and some rope tensioners with pulleys at the bottom). I have a 40 ft LM-400 feedline feeding the radio.

With your setup, I would imagine you’re getting some great GMRS contacts! A 9db gain antenna is a rarity. I checked it out on the web and it’s out of stock everywhere! I’m guessing it’s manufactured in China. That’s a shame.

I have 40 antennas sitting somewhere in China waiting for shipment, it’s a pain at the moment. Small parcels make it through but larger boxes are just waiting around.

Hi everyone. WRMZ361-KE2AUM Here- on my experience, I try couple antennas, but the one with the best results is the Ed Fong GMRS & comet ca-712efc 460-470 mhz gmrs and. The comet was used by the Broadnet Gmrs Repeater in NYC for many years and we not have complaints at all.
Me Personal, I recommend those 2 antennas.
Mr Fong attend you if you need any help and have warranty for life.