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Good day all.
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I’ve been put in charge of finding the best two-way radios for the company I work for. :confused: I’ve since then equiped my guys with Motorola’s HT-750 for a month-long test to see if a need really existed and to pinpoint the exact type of radios needed for the company.

We are a food retailling business with a big warehouse (Costco like) and I found out that the model used (HT-750) doesn’t really fit our criteria. The model is very good but too big and heavy. The attached microphone is also too heavy and the cord is not long enough. (Most of my teams work with t-shirts). I’ve already got two defective radios du mostly to the radio been snaged again the rackings.

What I’m looking for is small, powerfull and well equiped two-way radios which will do the best job, for the smallest amount of $.

Anyone with an input?


Give these a look: They may be what you are looking for.

Looks promising,thank you.

Between Motorola, Icom, Cobra and Kenwood, which is the most reliable, dependable and least expensive. (Best bang for the buck!)
I’ve scanned sites after sites and all claim to be the best. (Obviously!)

Tx again

For business use, Icom and Kenwood. Though you can not go just by brand name, there are often “stand-out” models that have a great mix of features/price/reliability.

Also another good budget business radio is the:

That one also look OK but i can’t find anyone renting them in my area.
I’ve got to find something I can rent for a while, to test the need for them and the necessary equipments to go along.
I’ve narrowed the choices to two radios which seems to meet the requirements.

1: Motorola PR860
2: ICOM IC-F4011

Both seems good, the ICOM model been smaller and weighting less.
If someone had to choose between these two, which would you go for?