Best earpiece, Mic combo to use for Events for Videographers?

We are a family of Videographers and would like to get everyones input on what are the best bang for the buck earpiece-mic combo for events.
We would have to whisper during church weddings and so forth. I have 2 Kenwood TK-3230’s and will be picking up more in the future.Thank you

There are a number of options forearpieces with in-line mics for the Kenwood. If you need something discreet you may want to go with a surveillance kit from Kenwood, XLT or Impact.

A lot of our customers use their radios for video production, so we are familiar with your requirements. If you give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 we will be happy to assist you in finding just the right earpiece and mic kits for your radios.