Best digital business radios for a festival

I am looking to transition from Vertex 231s to digital. We have a large venue covering 20 acres and thousands of people and cars. I need a radio that is both rugged and utilitarian. Any suggestions? Coverage is my greatest concern. Thank you.

You have come to the right place. How well did your VX-231’s cover your venue?

It works ok until we hit the 5000 person mark. They do not receive well after that. Also, its time for the managers to have digital, so that we can have directed conversations without being in the ear of every employee.

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I think you will find that digital radio is NOT the cure all it’s touted to be. Analog stuff may be old fashioned, but it works fine if you understand it’s limitations. I would have to tell that digital radio salesman to do something physically impossible…

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So a MDR radio will suit you. I have some idea for you.

  • [1. AnyTone AT-D878UV GPS DMR/Analog Radio]
  • [2. BTECH DMR-6X2 Dual Band Two-Way Radio]
  • [3. Radioddity GD-77 DMR Two-way Radio]
  • [4. TYT MD-380 DMR/Moto TRBO Radio]
  • [5. BridgeCom Systems AnyTone AT-D878UV Radio]
  • [6. TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band VHF/UHF Handheld Two-way Radio]
  • [7. Ailunce HD1 Digital Walkie-Talkie FM DMR Radio]
  • [8. Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR/Analog Two-way Radio]
  • [9. TYT MD-9600 Digital/FM Analog Dual Band DMR Radio]
  • [10. TYT MD-9600 Dual-band Digital DMR Mobile Radio]

AS my ELMER Marty said to me a long time ago.

Digital offers no advantages - PERIOD.

The only reason to go digital was to make room for the data on Land Mobile Radio Service frequencies. By dividing the amount of bandwidth, they made twice as many channels.

The capture ratio is better using digital, but digital is all or nothing…
1’s and 0’s, either you have a perfect signal or you have drop outs and nothing at all.

As a comparison, back in the day when GE built the Mastr ll radio for NASA / Apollo Space missions, it was found that it would operate below the signal noise floor.
You see the human mind is the best computer of all, and even if there is fading or picket fencing, as long as you hear most of the words, your brain will guess the rest of the words.

That comment came straight from Kevin - the owner of the Repeaterbuilder web site.

If you are lacking coverage, you need to put up a tower and a repeater. have radios with different squelch tones - pl’s or DCS, that way the user will only hear what you want them to hear… Of course anyone with a scanner on the right frequency will still be able to listen to analog.
But that is not to say that you can’t apply for a license for extra channels for your one venue date…

The NASCAR people do it all the time!