best 2 way for use in car ?

first of all i am pretty much a total noob when it comes to 2 way radios so your help would be greatly appreciated

i organize a lot of car cruises, abywhere from 5 cars to 50 cars, some of us already have 2 ways, cobras and motorolas mainly, they seem to be pretty good but i would like to get the best bang for the buck for me personally and to reccomend to new people joining our cruises and those who dont currently own 2 ways


somewhere in the $40-70 price range

best sound quality possible for the price

car charger comes with it or is available sperately

best range possible

thank you in advance for any advice you can give


I would take a look at the Midland GXT1000… Here is a link to copy and paste in you web address bar up top:

This set of radios definitely has just about everything you are looking for, and it will talk to the Cobra and Motorola radios already in your group.

thank you very much

Are these devices can car charger and transmit at the same time ?

Bear in mind, use of a handhald radio inside a vehicle will get you severely limited range. I’ve found a quarter mile range or so is all you will get on all models I have tested.

when you tested Cobra LI-7200
you got :
Car to car: 1.23 miles

You’re right :slight_smile: Sorry… rusty brain… that’s what I get when I posty a message after work at 2 am :frowning: