BC120 Compatibility

Is The Motorola Cls1410 Compatible With The Bc120?

I assume you are asking about the Bearcom BC120? If so, the Motorola AXU4100 is a better radio to compare to the BC120. It is a genuine Motorola product and the specs are almost identical to that of the BC120.

The BC120 is a fully programmable radio, and the UHF version of the BC120 could be programmed to work with the Motorola CLS 1410 (or CLS 1110). The CLS series radios have only 1 watt of power and are not fully programmable. They have built-in support for 56 UHF frequencies, and you can assign any of those frequencies to the channels. If your BC120 radios are programmed to one of the built-in frequencies for the CLS 1410, then you will be able to communicate between the radios. Otherwise, you would need to have the BC120 programmed to match one of the CLS radio frequencies.

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Buytwowayradios.com can easily reprogram your BC120’s to work the CLS1410 if you chhose to go that route.