Basic Radio Info, continue without service?

My employer has decided that he wants to cancel his service through our service provider. They charge us $600 a quarter. We own the equipment (a few radios and a “base station” here at the office.

What exactly are we paying for? Is there licensing fees that this company is paying to the FCC? Is it possible for them to own the service in our area? If it’d be possible to continue using these radios I’d love to propose that to my boss. Thanks for any information before hand!

Good question. Two way radios using business UHF or VHF frequencies do not require a “subscription” to operate. License fees are paid to the FCC and the license is valid for a specific term. Those fees are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.

What type of radios are they and who is your “provider”?

Sounds to me like they are paying for repeater service. They need to check their licenses and see if they can have them amended for “simplex” use, and have their radios programmed accordingly.

That occurred to me as well. We need more information.