Basic questions.

I want business radios for my warehouse, and I want to use whatever the retail stores or shopping malls use. Is VHF or UHF more common?

People often stumble onto my channel, so I wanted something better and more secure. If I got the radios, a license, and a private line code; would disruptive kids still be able to scan my frequency, let alone talk through it?

Thanks a lot!
-Bill H.

Most retail stores use a UHF business radio. The Motorola CLS1110 and the Motorola XU1100 are extremely popular in retail chains. You’ll see these radios used at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and many many others.

With these radios, people using a scanner would be able to eavesdrop but they would not be able to communicate unless they had a radio using the same frequencies. It is more difficult (and expensive) to get a radio using these business frequencies than it is to get a GMRS radio.

Another option is to get a Motorola XU2600 or the new Motorola RDU2020. These models have a voice scrambling feature, which means the scanner users will only hear a garbled voice.