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Drawn to your site out of technological interest… please may I know what is the difference between various radio types mentioned in the home page of yours.

Amateur Radio
Business Radios
CB Radios
Consumer (FRS / GMRS) Radios
Marine Radios
Weather Radios
Satellite Radios

  1. Why do two two way radios does not register when I get them too close.

Satellite radios? We have no Satellite Radios category.

Yes you are right, I should have mentioned it sorry, I was listing this from the forum and it occurred to me what would be the difference between satellite phone and normal 2 way phone as it looks bulky as well.

Amateur (Ham) Radio uses UHF, VHF and HF bands for hobby, experimental and personal use and requires an amateur radio license.

Business radios operate on UHF and VHF bands and are intended for commercial use. Companies and organizations are assigned specific frequencies licensed to them for such use.

CB (Citizen’s Band) uses forty channels assigned to specific AM frequencies allocated for personal or business use with no age restrictions. It is most popularly used by professional drivers (truckers), however, it is available to the general public and no individual license is required.

Consumer FRS/GMRS are hybrid radios utilizing the Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) respectively. FRS uses specific frequencies in the UHF band. It is limited to a 1/2 watt of power but is open for use by anyone without purchasing a license. GMRS also uses assigned frequencies in the UHF band and is primarily intended for personal, private use but requires a license.

Marine radios use the VHF band and are for use exclusively over open water such as in a marine vessel, as the name implies.

Weather radios are actually receive only radios tuned to weather and emergency broadcast stations such as those operated by the US National Weather Service.

We discuss each type of radio service in detail on The Two Way Radio Show Podcast in Episode #75 - Types of Two Way Radios .

You can also read this article about each type of radio.

Something else to note is that amateur radio requires taking an examination to become licensed. The fees to take the test cannot exceed $15. Also, if you are using amateur radio to communicate with other individuals, all users must be licensed.

GMRS does not require an examination to become licensed, but the fee is $85 (currently.) All members of the same family may operate under a single license.