Basic License

Looking to get licensed so I can use 2 and 10 meter, how do I go about this.
Want to be able to use for hunting, and other recreation purposes.

Hey, I googled that and found the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines on operating radios:

It says that you can operate an FRS radio without a license, but you need a license to operate a GMRS radio. Which kind of radios do you have?

In the US , 2 and 10 meters are both amateur bands and that requires a license. To obtain the entry level Technician class license, an individual must pass a 35 question examination with a score of 74% or better. Information on how to begin working towards the license can be found at

As a licensed amateur, your communication will be with other licensed amateurs. If you are planning on using 2 or 10 meters for hunting and fishing, then anyone in your party you communicate with must be a licensed amateur as well.

2-10 meter is part of amateur radio. And 10 meters is in the Amateur Bands which the FCC requires a license to operate in this band:D

You would probably be better suited for MURS, FRS, or GMRS. GMRS requires a license; but the other two don’t. These services are more suited for the recreational use you want.

Amateur radio is for communications between others with amateur radio licenses. Like it was mentioned previously, all parties you wish to communicate with would also require a license.