base station vs. repeater.

i have a little confusion here with tower sites… what is the base station used for? i was under the assumption that repeaters receive and transmit on there own when you key them up. so what is the need of the base station. sorry for the newbie question but i just have some confusion with that. thanks!

no one have an answer…?

A repeater is a standalone radio that is usually located at a high elevation. It receives on one frequency and transmits on another. This enables base and mobile stations to communicate at a much greater distance than they would be able to otherwise.

A base station is just that: a station that communicates with other radios, base or mobile and with repeaters.

Hope this helps.

sorry im just trying to get a clear picture of how the two work together. so a base station does all the receiving for every frequency its programmed for and sends it to the receiver side of the repeater and then the repeater transmits out on a longer range? ?

im trying to figure out why tower sites have a base station AND a repeater in one location. im assuming their tied together. ??

is this correct?

A repeater is a base station.

I think now though I get what you are after…

You have a dispatch point with a console and a bit antenna outside.

The dispatch point may not be an actual radio transmitter; but rather a wireline link to the transmitter and receiver. The benefit of the repeater is for the mobile units in the field. Typically, such a system is called a “Mobile Relay” or “MR” as classification in FCC databases.

Now some base stations, such in the Amateur (Ham) radio service are used to communicate through repeaters, since other hams congregate there. Also it helps them to talk to mobiles. Since there is no one “dispatch center” many hams of different configurations use them. In some cases, once some folks get into a discussion, they move to a direct frequency.

Does this help clarify things?

That’s what I was going for , but you put it more succinctly. Thanks.

yes i understand now, i think my confusion was because i am seeing base stations at tower sites WITH repeaters. i understand now they are wire linked with a remote console. im assuming there are numerous reasons the base stations are close to the repeaters. i.e. voice over i.p. ease of connection and efficiency, elevation. am i on the right track?