Baofeng uv5r under 124.227 frequency

Hello! Today i was programing my baofeng UV-5R on chirp. Then i saw, that i can change the lower and the upper limit of MHZ. I changed the lower limit frequency to 88.00 MHZ, like i thought i can hear FM radio. But it doesnt happend. Also when i go below 124.240 MHZ and press PTT buton it stuck on transmit . Did someone know why that is?

Like many of these cheap Chinese-made radios, they have come in a huge variety of firmware variations. Just because the software allows you to enter a frequency doesn’t mean the radio will actually accept it. Depending on the firmware variation, VHF frequencies might begin at 136 to 174 MHz or some only accept 144 to 148 MHz.

By the way, 124 MHz falls within aircraft communication frequencies and if your radio was actually transmitting, you were interfering with the operation of aircraft in flight. Not only is this a huge safety issue, it is also highly illegal. Please stick with the amateur radio frequencies that the UV-5R is licenced for.

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Thanks, for the great anwer.

You can make the display show any frequency you want. It just won’t operate outside of its design limits.

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