Baofeng UV5R. Confused After FCC Call

A good friend of mine actually called the FCC and they told him the Baofeng was fine to use on MURS!! I’m confused.

As they regulate things, I would take there word for it. It very well may be that because MURS is for public use with a lower power rating that it may not matter them (or whoever answers their phones?) what radios are used on those frequencies.

Just my 2 cents.

If your friend is correct, it is possible the phone rep at the FCC intended to say it was okay to receive MURS frequencies, since you would only be listening. I wouldn’t necessarily assume that the rep meant the Baofeng can also transmit on MURS. The rules clearly state there is a 2 watt power limit for transmitting on MURS frequencies, and although you can set the power level for those frequencies through programming, the fact that the power level can be set above that threshold, even accidentally, puts the radio at risk of illegal operation on MURS.

The bigger issue is that MURS falls under Part 95, and the Baofeng radios are not Part 95 type accepted. I would go with published rules and not heresay, because if it came down to it, it’s not what is said, it’s what is in black and white that counts.

I would have to agree with Rick on this one.
All Part 95 type radios has to be part type acceptable

This radio will transmit out of band. which makes it illegal for use on the MURS frequencies.

The MURS limits the user to 2 watts of power