Baofeng UV-82C questions

Hello All,
I am brand new to this forum, and a new ham to boot (KE0GDX).
I recently purchased a Baofeng UV-82C as my first HT and have run into a problem that maybe someone here can offer some insight.
The radio seems to be “stuck” in Channel mode. Holding the Menu button down while turning the radio on only yields Channel mode. Am I misinterpreting something in the manual, or it there something wrong with the unit? I have tried removing the battery and different button/power-on combinations with no success.
I bought it from BaofengTech on-line, and it was fulfilled by Amazon. I have made two attempts to contact Baofeng, once by their on-line form and once via e-mail with no replies from either attempt. It has been ten days since my last attempt to contact. Do they have a phone number?

I figured it out on my own. It comes with the Frequency mode locked out. One must download UV-82 software, then fumble around to find the correct page and box to check to unlock the frequency mode, then download that programming to the radio.

When it is stuck in channel mode - what does the display show? The name, or still the frequency. Your problem, might for a project coming up, be a solution for me?

Being designed for commercial use, the ability for front panel programming was probably factory locked out. A dealer is then supposed to program allowed frequencies, then re-lock it…