Baofeng UV 82 HP speaker mic?

Hey guys sorry if this has been asked/answered but I couldn’t find it. I bought a detachable mic for the baofeng and cannot get it to transmit VHF. It defaults to the UHF channel everything it is pressed. I did not think about that issue when I ordered it. Is there any way to make it default to transmit in VHF when pressed or am I stuck with needing to order one with both buttons? Thanks

On the screen, you probably have two channels programmed. When using a speaker mic with a single PTT button, the UV 82 always defaults to the BOTTOM frequency, even if you select the A/B button for the top frequency. Just one of the quirks of these radios. You can get a two-button speaker mic designed for the UV 82, but I have found them to be less quality than some of the single PTT buttons on the market.

buytwowayradios sells a great speaker mic, and the way around this is to program the radio so that both PTT buttons act as a single PTT. This way, either button will transmit on the frequency selected using the A/B button (with the triangle beside it on your screen) and a single PTT speaker mic will work exactly the same as pushing either PTT on the radio.

Since the answer has been posted effectively, I’ll just add that what you experienced and the reasons as previously explained, are a pretty common setup on most dual band/dual receiver/dual TxCr equipment.

There are radios with fixed independent PTT’s, and maybe their OEM speaker mics support dual independent handheld mic PTT use too, but it’s a relatively uncommon thing with DB equipment.

Following on about observations of some DB radios having independent PTT triggers that may or may not be extended to external mics, there are full dual transceivers (which look no different in display) to DB items, but each sub transceiver has total autonomy from the other unless the user or device setup has enabled a crosslinking of functions and shared access.

So whilst relatively uncommon, in some markets (meaning targeted user groups/services/roles) such radios aren’t so rare, but I’ve never known an example be generally marketed bar one that was in dev kit form (think of it as a cross between two ADALM Pluto’s built to pro commercial TA standards as actual radio kit not sig-gen/analysis stuff with an SBC/PL control module). But even that was only an attempt to offload dev kit systems on a system that never became viable.

But it’s still interesting stuff, and shows there are exceptions to the norm even if they exist in the shadows tech wise.

To clarify this topic if the OP ever returns, the 82C model is the one where you can turn off the dual PTT. I tested the 82HP and found that, while there is a menu item that enables the single PTT, on my model 82HP, it has no effect. Dual PTT seems enabled all the time. I am assuming this is with an older firmware radio. (I bought the 82HP when it was first released.)

On the 82 and the 82HP, when you connect a speaker mic, it will always transmit on the BOTTOM channel.

If anyone else has an 82HP and wants to try this, see if you can enable the single PTT. I tried both the factory software and Chirp, and neither one enables single PTT. (My preference.)