Baofeng UV-5RTP Programming Question


I apologize in advance for lack of knowledge. I just took over a new IT position and security has 2 Baofeng UV-5RTP radios. They gave a list of each channel and what transmit and receive freq they use. I used Chirp I entered in the frequencies for each channel.

When testing the problem I have is I can set both radios to the same channel but when radio 1 transmits to radio 2, radio 2 can hear the message but they can’t transmit back. What am I doing wrong?

What frequencies are they set at? That might help us better understand if they are set to using a repeater setup or there is some sort of mismatch? Are there CTCSS tones configured on either radio or on the TX or RX on either radio?

Not sure here’s what my list shows.

Channel 1 Transmit Freq = 466.1125 Receive Freq 461.1125 Digital PL=025
Channel 2 Transmit Freq = 469.150 Receive Freq 469.150 Digital PL=411
Channel 3 Transmit Freq = 468.5625 Receive Freq 463.5625 Digital PL=516

All frequencies are narrow band 12.5kHz

When I go into Chirp, I don’t see specially where I enter the transmit and receive settings.


So you say that the second radio cannot transmit back? Do you mean the first radio doesnt hear the 2nd radio? I would check that both radios have the same CTCSS tones set correctly or remove them at first to test each radios transmit capabilities.

Some of these steps will be redundant but it may help others.

First, use a programming cable with a genuine FTDI chip. 99% of problems with software not reading the radios come from the prolific chip cables.

Second, ALWAYS read from the radio first. If it is the first time use, save the resulting file if you ever need it later. (None of the frequencies that come loaded into the radios from the factory are legal to use in North America however.)

Next, the UV-5RTP is a tri-power radio, and the UV-5R setting in Chirp might not work properly. Try the Baofeng BF-F8HP instead. It might work. If not, use the factory software.

If you can get Chirp to work, populate the fields like so, left to right:
Frequency = 466.1125
Name = Channel 1
Tone mode= DTCS
DTCS code = 025
Duplex = None
Mode = NFM
Power = High

All other fields in Chirp should be blank.

Now populate the fields for channel 2 and 3 the same, except use the appropriate frequencies and DTCS codes. You will know you are using the correct PL tones because the drop box will list the numbers 025, 411 and 516 (along with about 60 others.)

Save the program and write to the radios. All will now be fine.

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You are the man, it worked perfectly. Thanks for all your help on this.