Baofeng UV-5R - Won't Transmit (same programming)

Hello… Our team has about 30 radios we use and continually replace them and upload the same programming to all of them…

I just got a load of new UV’s that when I upload the same programming as all the radios in the past, it receives loud and clear but it won’t transmit.

It just beeps…

I am not as savvy as many on this forum and I ask for your help, Barney Rubble Style…

Thank you…

Are you using the latest CPR, if the trouble is new radios sounds like their firmware is different. Will the old software programme any of them if you read the radio, change one thing and try to put it back? That usually confirms the CPR version you have is still current.

Thank you for your time… I am not very versed in this world of radios… Is CPR, short for CHIRP? If so… I have uploaded the software from our everyday radios, programed it as recently as a week ago, and tried to download it to the new ones… It programs it to all the right frequencies and receives transmissions fine… It just does not transmit… I did go in and try to remove the GRMS and just leave the FRS… and it still didn’t transmit… I do sincerely appreciate your help… I will try to see if there is a new CHIRP if that what CPR stands for…

Computer Programming Software. Chirp is a popular one that programmes most common radios including the UV-5R.

So I wonder if you’ve got a transmit inhibit programmed. Can I just confirm that if you take a working radio, and read FROM it to Chirp, everything looks fine - but if you then WRITE that file to the new radio, then the data appears to be there, but the PTT button doesn’t work, and this happens on all the new radios.

Do you have any of the new radios that you have not programmed? If so, do these transmit? This will show if it’s the codeplug you are loading into it causing the issue. I can’t check as Chirp no longer works on my MacBook and I’m not near a PC.

All the new UV-5R radios for the USA are now firmware locked to work on the Amateur Radio bands only.

OP’s frequencies can no longer be used on these new Baofengs.

That is all these radios can be legally used on anyway, due to lack of FCC certification.

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Some of the current Amazon listings for UV-5R say, “Frequency Range: 144-148MHz, 420-450MHz. Please kindly know that UV-5R would not transmit without [sic, maybe “outside”?] this frequency range.” Some also say, “(Can not transmit with frs radio and gmrs radio)” Others simply mention, “FCC Part 15 Part 97 Certified,FFC ID: 2AJGM-UV5R”[sic], i.e., not Part 95 for FRS/GMRS/MURS transmissions. However, it seems some are still selling “transceiver for VHF (136-174), UHF (400-520)”.

I am having the same problem same level of expertise which is basically none.
Do I have to have a Ham license to program these new radios?
Could I just use the frequency they come on?
Any help would be appreciated.
If someone could give a simple step by step of how to fix this in CHIRP that would be even more amazing.

The frequencies they come programmed with are probably legal in some parts of the world.However, every country allocated bands, and frequencies within them to certain services. Some are accessible legally with a licence, some without, and many with big fines or worse if you get it wrong.

It’s probably fair to say that almost certainly buying one and just using it will be illegal in most countries, but thousands of people may buy radios on amazon and just use them. As the range is small, and geography critical, most of them get away with it, by luck. The risk is still real though. Using a radio in a location where your use becomes very obvious - let’s say you live near a port, and are chatting away on a channel that other users will notice, means a probable visit from the authorities. At best, confiscation and at worse a fine. If the people you annoy are important, then think worse. If your use causes something really serious - maybe you’ve jammed an ambulance service radio and somebody dies as a result - then expect punitive and decisive action.

Hams should know all about frequencies and licence types. family and small business radio users probably less so.You need to research your own legislation and determine what you want to do. In the UK there are frequencies for licence free radio channels. Strictly speaking programming one of these via Chirp breaks the law, but if you are happy with lawbreaking - I doubt people will know, but I suppose it depends how illegal operation sits with you. You really should use them only where it’s legal and legit. I think the advice should be to NOT use them unless you really understand what you are doing and the consequences.