Baofeng UV-5R unboxing video

We just released a new 12 minute video featuring the Baofeng UV-5R. We unbox it and check out a few of its features. Presented by Danny KK4PIL.

Baofeng UV-5R Amateur Radio Unboxing

where can I buy one of these in New York City? my friend is going there, and I asked him to buy one of those for me. But he has no idea where to buy! thank you

As far as I know we can still ship the Baofeng UV-5R to Brazil. Although the shipping cost may be higher than in the US, it is still a lot cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket to New York.

thanks, that is very good

I have purchased three Baofeng UV-5RA+ radios when I received them the software from Baofeng worked fine…But now for some unforseen reason the Baofeng software will not recognize the radio, Before I get someone saying try CHIRP I have it that software will not recognize the radio either…I am using a serial programming cable and as I said everything worked fine when I first got it now I can not get the software to recognize the radio…Any help would be greatly appreciated…I have ordered the USB programming cable and software from twowayradio…Hopefully that will take care of it will keep you updated…

that has been a cause of juggle to me too … have never find it right and even dunno still how to get a compatible software for fine tuning … would appreciate the suggestions … anyone

Did the cable resolve the issue?