Baofeng Upgrade- Update Help

hello, is there any program and bin file to upgrade my baofeng radio? please drop the download link. Thanks

What do you want to do? There are occasionally firmware upgrades to fix things, but it’s not too common for Baofengs to gain extra features? You can always look out for firmware for them that is am later version than what you have - but as you’ve not already found this, do I assume you’re not terribly computer savvy? Firmware upgrades are not simple form beginners - we get a lot of posts that start “I have bricked my Baofeng” - as in turned it into something as useful as a brick!

I think at last count, there were something like 265 different models of Baofeng radios and variations of them. Each one will have different programming. It is only the digital radios that will accept a firmware update, so that rules out the analog models. I believe it is rare to be able to update firmware on an analog model. Basically, no one can help this person until we know what model it is.

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