Baofeng tri band radio scan certain frequency

Any one know if the Baofeng tri bands radio can scan frequency 144300 to 148000 and returnand start all over again start scan 144300 to 148000 frequency.
can anyone show steps how to do low and upper limit scan,from 144300 to 148000.
what button to set on the radio.

Which tri band radio? There are three models currently being sold.

Only the BTECH UV-5X3, sold only by BTECH, allows you to select a scan limit. In VFO mode, push the “SCAN” button. The radio will then ask for a range of frequencies. Once you enter the second frequency, the radio will immediately begin scanning.

The other two models of Tri-Band Baofengs do not have this feature. The two without this feature are sold by Radiooddity and MTC.

How many company making baofeng radio.
Enclosed attach is of baofeng radio that i using IMG_20181228_040613.jpg.
Don’t know who make this radio is it a part of b-teach company?

That is a Baofeng UV-5R. It is NOT a BTECH.

What make BTECH radio different from other Baofeng radio ,is it the software.
Why does BTECH call there radio Baofeng and Fujian call there radio baofeng ,who is the real Baofeng.

Baofeng are the manufacturer who produce radios under a number of brand names. Some are straight label swaps while others have custom firmware. OEM manufacture works like this. Many things will be direct swaps, others model specific.

BTECH is a brand name, as well as a company. They source their radios from several manufacturers, including Baofeng. BTECH typically has custom firmware installed in the radios they sell, that are unique to the BTECH brand.

A “real” Baofeng would have the “Baofeng” brand name on it.