Baofeng TP-8, UV-13, GM-15 factory mode?

Is it possible to put the new-ish TP-8, UV-13, GM-15 radios in factory mode?



Factory mode? Never heard of factory mode. Factory resets, are something different. I always plug a new radio in and before I do anything, download the stuff that is in it, just in case.

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@paulears thanks so much for the reply. You are correct, I’m not looking to do a factory reset. On the UV-5R if you hold down the PTT+moni+VFO while powering the radio on it will boot up and say “FACTORY” on the display. Just curious if the newer 999 channel radios do something similar.


Interesting - what does being in factory mode actually do?

The GM-15 Pro doesn’t have 999 channels, but 250 with only a portion of those that you can transmit on the rest are monitor only.

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On the UV-5R you have the ability to change the band plan.

I wonder if the GM-15 has the same guts as the UV-13 and/or the TP-8?

'factory mode" allows radios to be illegally operated on frequencies they are not FCC certified for. Recent USA policies have forced radio manufacturers to lock radios to the amateur bands. Some radios have “work arounds” and can be restored to full frequency coverage.

Ah, I see. Normal service restored! Thanks.

In many cases it’s to allow legal operation in case of an emergency in accordance with FCC guidelines, exponentially increasing the likelihood of getting help when it’s most critical. There are large numbers of people who’s radios are exclusively for SHTF/emergency use. It’s not illegal to have the ability to broadcast on frequencies one is not licensed to use. It’s a violation to use said ability in a non-emergency.