Baofeng radios being used in the Ukraine compromised

One of my Chinese suppliers has just sent a large consignment of DMR radios to the Ukraine to replace the radios that they were using - Baofengs! It seems their troops and other official users were using them and the Russians of course were listening easily - so they’ve gone encrypted DMR. My supplier also says that not just radios, but many warehouses in Russia are filled with Chinese products as delivery to the EU is then simple - these goods can’t now be sold, nor can the Chinese recover them! I had expected the Chinese to have sympathy with the Russians, but it seems they are suffering too - even more surcharges for shipping, routes closed, resistance to ‘foreign’ imports and the global hike in fuel costs - which is hitting them too, she says. Interesting she always refers to Bao Feng - as in two words, not one?

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