Baofeng Radio External Microphone

I?ve got one of the ?waterproof? Baofengs (UV-9R) which has the flat panel multi-pin interface on the r/h side for the programming cable or earpiece. I purchased an external microphone (?shoulder mic?) for it, and wasn?t impressed with the build quality or functionality. The radio itself is fantastic, but those Baofeng mic?s are junk. My question is, does anyone know if another radio manufacturers interface matches this radio? I know the uv-5r, uv-82, etc. 2-prong design matches some Kenwood models, but I haven?t found one yet that matches this. If there?s a higher-end external mic, I don?t mind paying the extra $. Thanks!

At first glance it looks similar to a Motorola M4 multi-pin connector, but it could also be proprietary to Baofeng. We do not carry the UV-9R so we have no accessories for it. You may need to contact the seller and ask if they can provide information on the connector.

Thanks Rick - I?ll check that one out. Not much hope of getting info from the seller - it was a random eBay account out of China.
Wondering if I could maybe splice a quality mic onto that connector? May try it out if I find the time.

It looks like a Motorola, but I believe it is proprietary to Baofeng. I believe Ebay has some sellers of a compatible microphone. If you are an Ebay shopper, you may want to look there.

Kenwood 2 pin

Coincidentally, we will be covering the topic of radio connectors and the confusion between some of the different types in a June episode of the Two Way Radio Show Podcast. We receive a lot of questions about connectors in general, so it seemed like it was time to discuss the disparity between connectors used in the industry.