Baofeng programming

I recently learned how to use the Chirp software and was able to upload to my Baofeng. The issue that I have is when it’s done uploading to my radio I don’t know where to find the stuff that I uploaded. Thank you.

Did you save it to the Hard Drive on your computer or laptop?

I was able to find it on my radio. Now I’m trying to figure out out to program the transmit frequency into the radio so i can listen and transmit

Are you trying to program in single channel or repeater? Remembering that if you dont have an Amateur Licence you cant legally transmit on Repeaters or Amateur Frequencies. To get your programming from the radio to chirp you must have your radio on and plugged in and use Radio drop down menu at the top (Download From Radio) or Alt+D. You will then be able to configure the radio and then (Upload To Radio) from the Radio drop down menu. Just remember to save it to your hard drive.

Yes I understand you need the license I’m just trying to understand how to program the transmit frequency. I’m getting confused because the repeaterbook for the county I live in gives a receive frequency of 147.03000 and a transmit frequency of 147.63000. I’m not sure how to program the transmit frequency into the radio. I know how to to the receive because I’ve been listening to that.

Scott, the transmit frequency is an offset of the receiving frequency. It’s programmed in CHIRP by adding it to the offset column and choosing whether it’s a positive or negative offset. In your example it’s a 600kHz positive offset of the receiving frequency. For full disclaimer: this information is provided for educational purposes only. if you are not licensed to transmit on that frequency, you should only program your radio to receive. Programming your radio to transmit on an unauthorized frequency increases the chance of accidentally keying up the radio on that frequency and causing interference.