BAOFENG programming glitch?

I picked up a used BAOFENG UV-B5 and used CHIRP to download all the channels in its memory… What I found in it was an odd mix of FRS, GMRS some very odd simplex channels etc… I erased all those and uploaded all my local HAM repeaters just like my other handheld. Everything seemed to go well with CHIRP and I confirmed the memory update. However, when I unhooked everything and tried to use the radio its like there are no memories in the radio at all. It just act like VFO mode. How do I get this radio to channel memory mode?

To switch from VFO to Channel mode, simply press the VFO/MR button to toggle it from one mode to the other.
As a general rule, the UV-5R will default to the mode it is programmed as default. You can change the default in CHIRP. Load your radio into CHIRP, click on Work Mode Settings, change VFO/MR Mode to Channel, and save it back to the radio. The UV-5R should default to Channel mode.