BaoFeng Mark II Firmware Version


I recently bought a BaoFeng GT-3 Mark II and successfully programmed it using Chirp software. The last time I tried, the software on the included CD would not talk to the radio.

I became curious as to whether I actually had a Mark II as the radio is identical in appearance to the original GT-3. The Mark II is reputed to have an updated chipset.

I set out to determine the firmware version. I watched Danny Feemster of BuyTwoWayRadios.COM’s video and read the firmware version using Chirp software. The problem is my Firmware Message 1 reads HN5RV01 and Firmware Message 2 reads 1FP325. 6+ Power-On Message 1 reads 141006N and Message 2 is blank. These messages in no way resemble the data Danny got in his demonstration.

Can anyone tell me what radio I actually have? I’m beginning to wonder if any two of these radios are alike!

73 de Gerry, WB9EBO in Florida

power on firmware version no longer works. Only Chirp tells you now. I forget which line is which, since it really no longer matters. There really are no upgrades to functionality. It is always best to only program a radio, based on each individual radio’s profile. In other words, even if you have 2 identical radios, you should never program one with a file from another.


Thanks, I am aware the power on firmware version doesn’t mean anything. As I explained, I followed Danny Feemster’s instruction video and got the firmware version that I posted. I was hoping to get evidence that I actually have a GT-3 Mark II, possibly from an owner of a Mark II.

The fact that the Chirp software works with this radio whereas the BaoFeng supplied software doesn’t, makes me suspicious.