Baofeng GT-5R not working right

New here. Trying to troubleshoot the above handheld radio. We use these for construction purposes in the states. We are in a preprogrammed channel stock with the radio as far as i know. I have 3 out of my 6 radios that are having issues and im hoping someone can help me resolve them im not looking to unlock em or anything like that, thats easy enough to find on you tube. So here goes

2 of the radios will recieve transmission from the others but will not transmit.
1 of the radios will transmit but not recieve.

We are just trying to use these as walkie talkies between myself and my team of operators and apprentices. They are all the same radios, i believe they all came in the same 6 pack. They all have the plug in mic. Each one just kinda started doing what they were doing midway through the day at all different times. It is the same person using them that has had the problem radio so im hoping he isnt just messing with me to get his kicks off.

I am a complete novice at this, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If they are unlocked in a packet and the keypad is active, then you can mess these up by simply leaning on things. One person could be fiddling of course, and maybe he changes the display by accident and tries to fix it. These radios are not at all suitable for what you’re doing because they are so feature packed. You have direct vfo, and lots of memories. To turn on or off tones, change them and change probably the tx and rx frequency is a lot of button pushing, or just one button if the keypad is not locked. Far too complicated for site use. They’re designed to be programmed by the users and fiddled with. That’s why site radios often have a channel knob and volume, that’s it!

They are a ham radio, and are locked to ham (amateur) radio frequencies when shipped. Those are the only bands that are legal for them to use. If you are transmitting on amateur bands, you are potentially interfering with their frequencies. If you found a way to ‘unlock’ them, that is your own business, but you need to be careful what frequencies you are using.

My advice is to get a good FTDI programming cable and use Chirp software to download the settings from each radio and compare them to each other. It sounds like someone has randomly changed either the frequency or the tone codes on several of them. If you let us know the frequency you have them programmed to, we may be able to offer more helpful advice.

Basically, they are a cheap ham radio, and are often misleadingly advertised as a ‘walkie talkie’ radio, which they are not. You are far better off with some of the good quality FRS radios now on the market. Completely legal for your purposes, and much easier to program. You can also get ones with no keyboards so users can’t change settings on the fly.

I am not sure if you can return them, but the GT-5R is a ham radio, not a walkie talkie for general, family or business use. Not your fault, as there is a LOT of misleading advertising with radios such as these. When they describe them as “legal” radios, you have to read the fine print to see that they are only legal as ham radios, and users would need an amateur radio licence to use them.

Here in the uk, we could use these for non ham use, but to do so is silly. I have a hire stock of radios for people to use on events mainly. First rule. NEVER give users buttons. Far too tempting. Second rule, tiny radios are impossible to use if they wear gloves. Third rule, remote mics are fine, but their connectors are NOT. Jam them in a pocket and the Baofeng socket will fail.