Baofeng dual band with Headset

I need some help from i pro ;l
I have this baofeng radio, i have set it up to run dual band, and entered the 2 freq.

My problem is that i can only talt to the “preselected” chanel when i press button on Headset. When i press button 2. I supose to broadcast on chanel 2, but nothing happen. I have testes with 2 different Headset. Same problem

AM I doing something wrong or how can i get it to work.

I need it to broadcast to chanel 1, when i pres button on Headset. And channel2, when i press button 2.

Video is here. VID_20210817_212509.mp4 |

The Headset you are using is produced for the UV82 which has 2 PTT buttons allowing you to transmit on either A or B channel without changing between A and B. The UV5R only has 1 PTT and you have to select either A or B before transmitting .