Baofeng DM-X problems

Well I have spent many hours trying to make this DM-X radio work. Spent most of the day just getting it to talk to the PC. Couldn’t figure out the USB printer device that showed up. Finally installed the software for the 1702 and got it to talking to the PC but that is about all the talking it will do,

With a known working hotspot is does not receive anything. When I try to transmit I get a “BS Act timeout” within 1 second of keying the radio. Very annoying.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

I really hate to have to send this sucker back for a refund if there is anyway to make it work.

I really think this radio needs to be flashed with a working bin file. I tried downloading the flashes on this site and they were not bin files, they were codeplug files. When I tried to load them nothing shows up in the flash tool. If anyone with a working DM-X that can help me out I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


Well I finally got it working. Something so simple, I turned on talk around and it started working, Made a few contacts and got excellent audio reports,

Rule #1 use the micro usb cable,
Rule #2 use the MD programming software, it is the only one I found that doesn’t have a com port setting,

I can help you my Friend