Baofeng DM-1702 V Lo5.01.005

I have a DM-1702 purchased at R&L electronics with an odd firmware. I’m trying to find a programming software that will work with this firmware. Also, need to figure out why this is so different that other DM-1702 firmware.
Need help.

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nesecito un sofwer de programacion

Try RT72 programming software, that work for me and my DM-X (DM-1702B) with same firmware

Mine Baofeng DMX L05.01.004. I tried all programming software including RT72, CPS V1.00.66, V1.00.78, and I was using Win 10, Win XP, but no luck :frowning:

It always said Connect Radio Failed!

What firmware is in the radio?
Make sure you are using a usb sync/data cable as some cables are only capable of charging.