Baofeng ch-6dmr L05.00.01

Hi Guys,

Just looking for a help.

I have a Baofeng ch-6dmr with L05.00.01. I tried to upgrade my radio for a L05.00.05 version and I use the file L05.00.05-decrypted-1706.bin and the CPS .78 to upgrade it but after the upgrade my radio does not turn on anymore and when I turn the knob+# I’m getting a black screen and when I tried to load the bin file again I am getting a message “Connect radio failed!”

Someone for help me on it?


Да это можно исправить
у тебя остались проблемы ?

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Hi, Yes
My radio still not working. Could u help me?

ты говоришь по русски

Not yet.
Do you speak english?

I’m sorry you had this problem.
As far as I know, the radio can only be flashed when it is turned on. Maybe your battery is dead or out of working condition. Try reconnecting the battery and charging it again.

But I also have a question do you have a program Baofeng CH-6DMR / DM1706 Contact Uploader? I would like to receive it.

Hi, my radio can be turned on when I hold the “#” key.

About the contact uploader software I don’t have it but I think you can try this one:

I had no chance to try it yet.

Have you tried using the ‘Baofeng updater firmware’ program in this mode PWR ON +#? This program is used for flash firmware.
I do not know what version for this radio.

Thanks for the link, but this program did not work for me.

Yes, I tried but no luck as well. It does not recognize my USB port on this mode.
I don’t know why they are selling this radio if there is no supported software yet.

does anyone know how to reset this radio or what software to program with. i tried ch-6dmr radio program software but could not connect to the radio for some reason?

Hello my radio has a new radio problem it does not open to configure via PC wiht Micro USB and Rib 2 pins, watch the video of the problem, Baofeng DM-1702 GPS. Baofeng DM-1702 GPS Ver Firmware L05.01.005 Radio does not open on CPS: MD-1702 V1.00.78 , V1.00.66 and OpenGD77 CPS.