Baofeng BF888 squelch help please

I just bought 2 Baofeng BF-888S radios to use on 70cms band. (I am a licensed ham)
They arrived programmed to some frequencies in the 460MHz area and they worked just fine. I reprogrammed them to 433MHz and they still work OK, but the squelch wont close. There is white noise all the time no matter how I adjust the squelch in the programming software. I have enabled DCS and they are working well talking to other ham radios with DCS. But without DCS or CTCSS they are just white noise.
Is there a way to get into the setup of these radios and change the squelch?
I payed more for my lunch than these radios are worth so my expectations are not high. But Iā€™d like to do it.
cheers and thanks

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