Baofeng BF-888s HELP

Hey !

I just got 2 baofeng bf-888s for Christmas, right out of the box one worked perfectly fine. The other does not, the battery is fine, I tested it by putting in the other battery. The white light (not the red/green indicator) flickers once when it is turned on. Then when it is turned off the speaker makes a tiny faint static. Between that, nothing happens. I don’t have the programming cord so I can’t look at that. Is there a fix for this? I could buy a programming cord if that will for sure fix it. I have extensive electronics knowledge, soldering too. If something is physically wrong, I could fix it. Please help me !

Thank you!

Given the price of these on Amazon ($15 each or $23 for a pair) they’re throwaways. I doubt it would be worth your effort to try to repair them.

But do you know what could be wrong?

Not really. Is there any indication what might be programmed into the channels on either radio? You might try turning down the squelch on the questionable radio and see if there’s any static noise. If there is, it would be an indication the radio is working.

If I may ask, what do you plan on using the radios for?