Baofang UV 5R programing help

I am trying to program the 50 Midland channels into the UV 5R.

My problem is with channels 23 to 30 and 42 to 49. Attached is the Midland information that I have. I think my problem is somewhere in the Single Codes. I have tried using the Baofang software and CHIRP. (I am a master at neither)

So if anyone has some tips or is up to a challenge I would love the help. I am also open to any other programing software that I may need to complete this task.

Thank you.

The UV-5R cannot be legally used on these frequencies. These radios are not FCC Part 95 approved for use on FRS and GMRS frequencies. Additionally, these radios transmit more than the 500 mW maximum per FRS rules.