Audiovox FR140 transmit problems

First time user.When pressing the PTT button there is loud static. Won’t transmit but will receive. New batteries. Problem with settings? Also thinking about getting new ‘pair’ of two way radios for use in desert/mountains of Arizona and New Mexico for a month in spring and in the fall in Keweenaw peninsula in Michigan. Don’t want to break the bank on expense but something reliable that is good for 2-3 miles. Thank you.

It is possible one or both radios may be assigned to a privacy code (Audiovox called them sub-channels). Check the settings to be sure they are disabled or turned off.

The FR140 was rated at about half a watt, so 2-3 miles on those would be a stretch. As per the recommendation in another thread, the Motorola T800 may be a better option, and the only option for FRS with GPS.

Thank you Rick. I took the batteries out of the audiovox radios on the verge of disposing of them. I purchased two Motorola T800’s. Haven’t had chance to use them yet as we are only two days away from leaving on vacation and have a lot going on. I will keep the other radios and check them out when we get back first of May. Thanks again.