ATV Riding

I am interested in two way radios for ATV riding. We all wear full face helments and we are located in the Ozark mountians. Does anybody have a suggestion on what type of radio and vox mike to bye? The group rides vary in size so I guess two radios would work. Thanks for your time. Ron

If you are looking for a GMRS radio, I would suggest the Midland GXT710VP3 or the Midland GXT800VP4. The GXT800VP4 would be a better choice if you need a waterproof radio. Both have great range and will work with Midland’s motorcycle headset, which I believe would be perfect for you. The AVP-H2 motorcycle headset is specially designed for closed faced helmets. They are not VOX capable (VOX can be troublesome when you’re moving, due to wind noise) but they have a Push-To-Talk button that can be mounted on the handlebar.


I am interested in the Midland GXT 800 and using the VOX operations. Could the VOX sensitivity levels 1-9 be adjused for wind noise?

Yes, if you wanted to use VOX while the mics were exposed to wind you would need to go to one of the least sensitive settings. This still may not be enough to prevent unwanted transmits, but it would depend on your speed. Keep in mind that VOX can also be annoying because of transmit delays. It may take around a second for the mic to respond and turn on, which can lead to the first part of your transmit being cut off.