APX 6000 question

Is there anyone in central Ohio that has the apx cps?

I won’t mention names, but I took my radio to an agency to have it set up for use. (APX6KM3) This company was not very easy to work with because of being bombarded with a ton of questions. It’s a brand new radio, and I’m not looking to put it onto marcs or anything. I just wanted it set up. The radio was mostly set up, however, there are a few things that I need to get set up on the radio that wasn’t done with this company.

I need little things like, enabling digital, pl and dpl enabled, data enabled, a scan button assigned and a few other little things.

I will gladly pay someone for their time to help me get the radio finished.

Thanks in advance!!

The snag is that how can they program a radio without you telling them what they need? I try to be as helpful as I can with the radios I sell here in the UK but people often do the same thing to me. They want to buy an expensive, clever radio, and ask me to program it for them. If it’s digital, I gulp and sigh. I think to myself, I’ll try. I usually start with a few test questions. “Has your repeater got any preset talk groups you want?” It’s a bit of a silly question but the response might be that they only want 1,2 840 and 841. On GB7ABC. I know they’re clued up. Trouble is many people who want a digital radio want one preprogrammed but don’t realise how almost impossible that is. Which channels will they want to scan, which wont they, do they want channels set up geographically, or by repeater, or by user groups in or out of talk groups? What do they want buttons to do. Many don’t even have a digital ID, and this is a ham, somebody who has taken a test! I’ve had a few enquiries from non hams who want to monitor local digital services, but can’t tell me what they are, or any of the details. They want me to find a user, research and find their slots and cc. They get cross when I seem to be asking difficult questions, but digital radio is an entire hobby of itself. If a customer asks for a radio, and tells me what they want I can easily do it. They give me everything I need to stick it on their system, and if they are local, I can test it. If they are distant, then everything relies on the accuracy of their info. Mention digital and fail the question test and they probably see endless hassle. Having a clueless customer is fine when they are local, because they can sit next to me and we can program it together, then test it. At a distance, that’s impossible.what kind of questions did they keep asking that annoyed you? What was unhelpful? Maybe we can get you going?